Shower Chair

Ningbo Tuocheng Rehabilitation Technology -A Renowned Shower Chair Supplier

Ningbo Tuocheng Rehabilitation Technology Co. Ltd is the hospital industry’s favorite shower chair supplier who is known for designing and supplying the top-quality shower chair and medical raised toilet seat.

We have a vast collection of shower chairs which are designed keeping in mind all the requirements of the customers.  Our shower seats come in both chair and stool design providing you stability and comfort during shower routine. For people with low mobility, they offer the ease to shower.  People who are injured or due to some medical condition can’t hold their weight in the shower can use our Shower chair from the wide range of options we have on our site. We are the leading shower chair supplier and we have happy and satisfied customers all over the world. We have different designs based on the needs and requirements such as we have wheels on the chair for them to be maneuvered around easily.

We also offer static chairs for a stable bathing experience. We have varying sizes and designs, each chair has a different capacity for weight, height, and width. Being a renowned shower chair supplier, we make exceptional shower chairs. Some of them come with armrest as well as back support giving you the option to choose the one which more suitable for you. We also have an option of handles to make them easier to grip and hold onto them. This allows you to sit and stand without toppling over.

The material of the chair has tiny holes in it, which allow the water from the shower to go down the drain, this pretends bacterial growth and mildew production on the material of the chair. We are known as the leading shower chair supplier among the customers as we maintain the quality of all our shower chairs and supply all the products on time. This makes us stand out as the top shower chair supplier. For someone who is aged or injured, we suggest that you invest in our efficient shower chair which is available at affordable prices.

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